DUBturbo Is a New Generation Software Program

DUBturbo is a new generation software program that is a digital audio workstation. With this kind of technology around producers are taking advantages of it to make their own music trends. This technology made it possible for a more affordable audience. Among these programs a useful one is called DUBturbo.

There are thousands of sounds available at your disposal. You don't need a MIDI keyboard because you can start making beats with your keyboard. Among the features one of them is that the tutorials not only show you how to use the easy interface but also how to sell your music. DUBturbo has all the instruments you need to make rap music. If you know about rap instruments in hip hop you know you need a sequencer, a drum machine, and a keyboard. All of these are included in DUBturbo. You will create an ultimate set of hip hop beats in no time.

Rap Instruments in DUBturbo are:

You can use your computer keyboard to trigger the sampler. With 16 tracks at your availability. You can edit by the simple design of patterns that lets you visualize your music. There are thousands of samples that are available. You can tap in your beats with the metronome so you don't get out of timing. Edit the tempo, mute, solo and volume options are available. Export in 44.1 quality sound which is industry standard.

Drum Machine
You get ten pads available to you through the rhythmic use of your own computer keyboard. Draw in the beats and visualize your patterns. Each pad has a volume control. Drum sounds are master quality with a library to choose from. You can export full tracks or drums only.

Octave Keyboard
Great for creating melodies for your hip hop songs. You don't need a MIDI keyboard because you can use your computer keyboard to. Four octaves available and basic synthesizer controls are accessible.

DUBturbo can be used on a Mac or PC on the Internet or from your computer. The sounds are easy to navigate to. Easy for the non-musical user because of it's easy to use interface and tutorial support. You should be using this program in no time making beats. It is like having your own recording studio but without the high costs of instruments, hardware, and production. You will be creating unlimited hip hop beats in no time with high quality 44.1 studio sound and no low quality mp3 that other DAW's in this arena offer.

I hope this advice helps you. Check out DubTurbo. Its a DAW compatible with Mac and PC. Good for beginners and the seasoned professional to make there own beats.

Article Source: Ismael Rudy Quinones

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